About me

Thanks for dropping by!
I am a Male Asian Blogger (hence MAB in the title) who loves to eat (obviously). I enjoy all kinds of food, whether it be fine dining, street food, food court, food trucks, pubs, or the local casual diner, you name it... where there is good food you will find me there. I am neither a professional food critic nor a professional photographer and I don't pretend to be. I am just passionate about food and just want to share with you the food that I love.

I am from Sydney, so most of the reviews will be about my dining experiences in Sydney. Most of these experiences are with my wife (who you will sometimes see referred to as Qoo01). She is a vegetarian foodie, which can be interesting at times. There are not a whole lot of vegetarian bloggers out there so I will do my best to talk about great vego food. Hopefully I will be able to identify the places that have great vegetarian menus.

Also, I love travelling. One of the joys of travelling is being able to sample wonderful cooking in other parts of the world. When I plan overseas trips, often I will make reservations at restaurants before I even think about the sightseeing! For me, trips are definitely planned around eating. As such I hope to be able to eat at some of the best restaurants in the world and share my experiences here.

If you would like to use images on my blog, please ask. Generally, images on my blog can be used if images are not altered in any way (e.g removing watermarks, cropping images etc.) and a link back to the original blog post is provided.